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Bridging the GPA-Test Score Gap: The Early Bird's Guide to SAT/ACT Success

Hey parents, ever wondered why your straight-A student might be struggling with the SAT or ACT? You're not alone. Many parents are baffled when their high schooler's GPA doesn't seem to match up with their college entrance exam scores. Let's dive into the why and, more importantly, what we can do about it.

Mismatch Alert: GPA vs. Test Scores

Many high schoolers are experiencing a disparity between their GPA and their SAT or ACT scores. But why? Our school systems have evolved, with a greater focus on broader educational objectives. This means that the critical reading, grammar basics, and logic-based math emphasized in college entrance exams often take a backseat. The result? Well-rounded students who may not have honed in on some specific skills these tests demand.

The Shift in Education

While our schools equip students with fantastic skills, the intricacies of critical reading and certain math concepts aren't as central as they once were. For instance, while students might excel in modern math modules, the wording that pops up in the ACT or SAT can seem foreign. Students need a translator on how to approach these tests.

Middle School Test Prep to the Rescue!

Recognizing this gap, my teacher friend and I crafted a unique curriculum targeting middle schoolers. The idea? Start early. Rather than cramming for these exams in high school, our approach introduces foundational skills during middle school, setting students up for success down the line.

Designed for public, private, and homeschooling students, this curriculum is bite-sized—perfect for weaving into a student's daily routine without overwhelming them. Just a few minutes a day can make a world of difference.

And for those who prefer a more visual approach, there's a bonus! This test prep curriculum comes with a 120+ lesson video series that walks students (and parents!) through the entire book. It's like having a tutor right in your living room.

Parents, There's Hope

If there's one takeaway, it's this: it's never too early to start prepping. If you've spotted a mismatch between your child's grades and their test scores, know that you're not powerless. With resources like Test Prep for Middle School Students, your child can bridge the gap, making the SAT and ACT less daunting and more approachable.

Is your student past the middle school years? Then let's get to work now. Ninth and tenth grade is an ideal time to start preparing and taking REAL SAT and ACT tests. Go to and download a FREE SAT or ACT test today.

In a nutshell? Equip them early, and watch them flourish. Happy studying! 📚✨

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