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SAT/ACT/CLT Test Prep for Middle Grades

This self-paced video series curriculum intended for the middle grades (6-8) and is divided into three sections: Grammar, Reading, and Mathematics. The test prep workbook, available on Amazon, works in conjunction with 120 short video lessons. Each video with go over each topic, work all example problems, and practice exercises. This test prep will supplement students' traditional school subjects. This Level 1 curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of grammar, reading, and mathematics that will facilitate in the implementation of a solid foundation of English grammar rules, introduction to reading comprehension, and the basics of mathematics that students should have already had exposure to. By working through this curriculum, students will start to become strong, confident test-takers in their high school years and beyond.


The video series curriculum will provide students with additional practice exercises and comprehensive tests not found in the workbook.

Order the SAT/ACT/CLT Middle Grades Video Series 

$99 lifetime access

AVAILABLE September 4, 2023

SAT/ACT/CLT Test Prep Curriculum Workbook


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