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"We are so pleased with Dean Academy. My son met with Mrs. Dean for one on one sessions this spring. He raised his SAT score & was able to qualify for the next scholarship level at Anderson University where he will start in the Fall. SO thankful to Mrs. Dean. She was so organized & had lots of material for him to work through. Hoping she is doing this when the youngest is ready!"

Amy Wilson Davis


"Just wanted to let you know that he scored a 1560! He wants me to tell you thank you as he feels your assistance really helped!"

Proud Parent and Student


"Joanna did a great job with Haley. I highly recommend her. She built up her confidence with praise while encouraging her to do her very best. I am very grateful to Joanna for working with Haley's ADHD testing accommodations."

Before Dean Academy

Math - 24

Science -29

English - 34

Reading- 32

After Dean Academy

Math - 34

Science -34

English - 36

Reading- 36


"Hey Mrs. Dean!!

Just wanted to let you know I got a 1200 on the SAT!! I got into UGA & now I can receive Zell as well. Thank you so much for all of your help. I could not have got this score without you. Thank you so much."