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Listen to this short video for information on our BRAND NEW Fundraiser opportunity! Raise Money for your school while raising your students' test scores! This is the easiest and most beneficial fundraiser you will EVER do for your school and your students! Click the BOOK NOW button for a FREE Consultation with me. 



Have you noticed that often times your students' GPA and SAT/ACT/PSAT scores do not align? Let Dean Academy help fill in that gap to optimize students' success, potential for scholarships, college acceptance and overall higher scores. 

We have a proven curriculum and strategies that we are now offering to schools around the southeast. We will come to YOU and facilitate a successful Boot Camp for your students, including a curriculum binder for each child, marketing resources for your school, and test support materials for teachers for classroom support. Schedule a FREE consultation with me for all the details on how we can partner together for students' success.

More Details

  • When our preset SAT/ACT Boot Camp dates are convenient for your schedule, you can create your own Group SAT or ACT Boot Camp. In the Atlanta Metro Area, we need a minimum of 8 paying students. Outside of the Atlanta metro area, a minimum of 12 students are required ($349/student). We also need a location large enough to host the students.

  • Scholarship: For every eight paying students, the 9th one is free. You can use it for your student for helping to organize the event.

  • This Boot Camp will be a two-day event for a total of 8 hours of instruction/mini sample tests. We tend to have more attendees when held on the weekends. Example schedule:

    • Saturday and Sunday 1:00 pm-5 pm each day -or -

    • Two Saturdays or two Sundays

  • The summer schedule is much more flexible, so you can select the dates/times that are most convenient for you and your group. Schedule a consult to discuss the details and set a date for your Group SAT/ACT Boot Camp.​

Book a free consultation with me to find out more details!

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